Our Constitution is Based on the Bible

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Our Constitution is Based on the BibleThe Love Commandment

English: Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stea...

English: Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stearns, Washington at Constitutional Convention of 1787, signing of U.S. Constitution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leaders of all thirteen states knew that  the Bible required them to choose God fearing men for their leaders. All thirteen states required that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention be Christians.

When these men came together in 1787, they created the most remarkable Constitution that has ever existed. This Constitution was based on the one thing that they could all agree on, the Holy Bible.

The most distinctive feature of our Constitution is that it separates the powers of government into three equal branches—the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches. That was to prevent future leaders from oppressing the people and taking away their power.  James Madison presented this idea to the other delegates and they approved of it.

How did James Madison come up with such a radical idea? He got it from the Bible, from Isaiah 33:22, For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.

In other nations, demonstrators cry out, “Power to the people!” In America, the people already hold all the power. We took it away from a tyrannical king who oppressed us. We don’t ever want  to have another king. What is a king? He’s just a man who thinks he knows what’s best for us, oppresses us, and takes away our freedom.  The American people have the power to remove any President who tries to be a king.

The Socialists and Communists want to change America; and they are crying out for a revolution. America has already  had a revolution, and it was the best revolution of all time. It was called the American Revolution, and it used to be taught about in our schools.

The leaders of the American Revolution were Christian leaders. The French had a revolution at about the same time; but all they did was to trade in their king for a group of tyrants who oppressed them. These French rulers had no idea what they were doing. They made Christianity and even the worship of God illegal.

That is the same conflict that we are facing today. We have one group of leaders who worships and honors God; and another group who are always trying to discredit God and pull him off his throne. Which one of the two do you want to represent you in government?


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