Hey Sleeping Giant, Wake Up!

Tea Party Protest, Washington D.C. September 1...

Tea Party Protest, Washington D.C. September 12, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure that the Founding Fathers never envisioned a Federal government that would be hostile to Christianity. They created a nation where government, education, and Christianity worked together to protect the right of every individual to  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Benjamin Rush was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. He set up some of the first public schools in America, to teach children how to read the Bible. Noah Webster was known as the Schoolmaster of the Republic. His dictionary of the American language was published in 1828; and his Blue-Backed Speller was the most widely used textbook in America for over a hundred years. He practically invented American education.

Noah Webster said, “Every civil government is based upon some religion or philosophy of life. Education in a nation will propagate the religion of that nation. In America, the foundational religion was Christianity.

And it was sown in the hearts of Americans through the home and private and public schools for centuries. Our liberty, growth, and prosperity was the result of a Biblical philosophy of life.

Our continued freedom and success is dependent on our educating the youth of America in the principles of Christianity.”

When the Supreme Court kicked God and the Bible out of our public schools, they eliminated the most essential part education. This was the beginning of America’s  moral and economic decline. Since that time, as a nation, we have been getting dumber everyday.

The Secular Progressives measure progress by how far we’ve departed from Christianity. They know they have to take away our Bibles before they can take away our freedom. They have destroyed the most effective education system in the world, and recreated it into their own image. Now they want to completely destroy our unique American culture. They never stop trying to discredit the Bible, and to eliminate all references to the God who created us.

These enemies of God tried to change the Shining City on a Hill into their own Brave New World; but they have failed miserably. In spite of everything they’ve done, the Spirit of the Lord is alive and well in the hearts of the American people.

We are a nation of Bible-believing Christians. A USA Today/Gallup poll says that seventy-nine percent (79%) of Americans believe that the Bible is the word of God; and according to Rassmussen Reports, seventy-seven percent (77%) of Americans believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

That translates into millions and millions of right-thinking voters. If we could wake up this Sleeping Giant, we could restore God and the Bible to their rightful place of authority. Hey, Sleeping Giant, wake up! Wake up and help save America! Wake up and vote!

The Bible says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Psalm 29:2)  We have certainly experienced that reality.

Our lawmakers in Washington are terribly arrogant people, and they have the mentality of pimps. They think that the money we earn  is theirs; and they want to spend it all. In fact, they have already spent it all. They have spent our children’s money before they’ve even earned it.

It’s not too late to put an end to all of this foolishness. Clint Eastwood was right. We are the owners of this country; and the politicians work for us. We can fire them all, and replace them with people who will do what we want them to do. That would be a refreshing change.

We’re winning the culture war, not losing it; and we can certainly take our country back–at the ballot box.  We have a powerful ally; and with him, all things are possible. The Lord of Hosts is his name, and his mercy endures forever. We can do all things through him because he strengthens us.

This November’s election will determine the future of America and the future of your children. Please vote on November 6th. Even if you never vote, do it just this once. Do it for God and country. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.


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